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  • Past Past Chairmen and Presidents List

    Coronado Schools Foundation has a small dedicated professional staff. In order to continue to financially return as much as possible to the schools, it relies on a dedicated team of volunteers on the Board of Directors and within the community and schools.

    The Foundation recognizes the following individuals who served as Chairman/President in past years and gave endless hours of time, talents, and energy "to benefit Coronado's public schools." Their leadership has enabled CSF to grow and our students to prosper. We greatly appreciate their contributions and commitment to our community.  We always need new and great volunteers. Picture your name here!

    2017-2020 Renee Cavanaugh
    2016-2017 Jim Grady
    2014-2016 Chris Searles, MD
    2013-2014 Jim Grady
    2011-2013 Tom DeSanto
    2010-2011 Terry Farrelly
    2009-2010 Spiro Chaconas
    2008-2009 Tim Irving
    2007-2008 Jeffrey Kob
    2006-2007 Toni Aden
    2005-2006 Rick Shaughnessy
    2004-2005 Pam Hammett
    2003-2004 Ed Moore
    2002-2003 Kim Tolles
    2001-2002 Mark W. Andrews
    2000-2001 Lyndsey Arendsee
    1999-2000 Scott Metzger
    1998-1999 Pete Litrenta
    1997-1998 Sondi Arndt
    1996-1997 Debby Syverson
    1995-1996 Gary Kennedy
    1994-1995 Bob Watson
    1993-1994 Nancy Eckenroth
    1992-1993 Ed Lohlein
    1991-1992 Carolyn Parry
    1990-1991 Bill McLaurin
    1989-1990 Art Wilcox
    1988-1989 Karol McClellend
    1987-1988 Paula Bingham Couture
    1985-1987 Vicky Beaubien
    1983-1985 Gerry Brummitt
    1982-1983 Tom Kennedy


CSF has five active committees comprised of a board or staff member who acts as the chair, other board members, a CSF staff liaison, and interested community members. As needed, the Board may also appoint Ad Hoc committees for specific projects. Click the links below for more information on each committee. 

  • Donor Cultivation & Stewardship Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee

    Chair: Russ Haley

    It shall be the duty of the Finance Committee to ensure the long- term sustainability of the Corporation’s funding support to CUSD through transparency, integrity and stewardship of the Corporation’s funds. The Finance Committee shall have only the duties delegated to it by these Bylaws or otherwise delegated to it by the Board of Directors.  The Finance Committee shall not act as a replacement for the Board.  This committee’s responsibilities include the following: 

    1.  Current Financial Standings.  The Finance Committee will review current financial standings of the Corporation, make recommendations to the Board regarding the form and content of periodic financial statements, advise the Board regarding the allocation of Corporation funds, and review the Corporation’s annual financial audit with members of the Corporation’s audit team (which is made up of persons approved by the Executive Committee).

    2.  Endowment.  The Finance Committee will function as the body to oversee the management of the Corporation’s Endowment funds, both restricted and unrestricted funds. 

    3.  Return and Investment Policy.  The Finance Committee will meet a minimum of three (3) times per fiscal year; and during the fourth quarter meeting, this committee will review and verify the amounts proposed to be returned to the CUSD schools.  At such time, the Finance Chair will also make a recommendation for any changes to the Corporation’s Investment Policy to the Board of Directors for approval, if applicable.

  • Governance Committee

    Chair:  Bob Balfour

    The Governance Committee is established to oversee that the Corporation’s policies and procedures will comply with applicable government regulations, sound nonprofit standards and the Corporation’s mission. The Governance Committee shall have only the duties delegated to it by these Bylaws or otherwise delegated to it by the Board of Directors.  The Governance Committee shall not act as a replacement for the Board.  This committee’s responsibilities include the following:

    1. Recruitment and Nominations.  The Governance Committee will identify needs and new strengths and skills required of the Board of Directors to advance the Corporation’s mission.  Using this analysis, this committee shall lead recruitment, review and nomination of new Directors for the Board to consider.
    2. Board and Officer Nominations.  The Governance Committee will (a) propose candidates to the Board through the Executive Committee, who will advance the Corporation’s mission, (b) identify candidates to serve as officers of the Corporation and (c) present to the Board no later than the regular meeting of the Board that immediately precedes the annual meeting of the Board, a slate of candidates for election to regular two (2) year terms as Directors and for regular one (1) year terms as officers of the Corporation.  The Board shall not be limited to the selection of the persons nominated by the Governance Committee and may nominate and elect such other person(s) it deems appropriate.
    3. Advisory Committee Nominations.  The Governance Committee may, from time to time, propose members for Advisory Committee positions.
    4. Bylaws.  The Governance Committee will determine at least once per year whether any changes to the Bylaws are required or advisable due to changes in state or federal law.   Any such proposed changes shall be brought to the Board for consideration and approval.
    5. Board Performance.  The Governance Committee will lead an annual self-assessment of the Board of Directors.
    6. CEO Evaluation.  The Governance Committee will oversee that the annual review of the CEO is conducted by the Chairperson of the Board in consultation with the Executive Committee, pursuant to Bylaws Article VI, Section 9.  
  • Legacy & Naming Rights Committee
  • Program Oversight Committee

    Chair:  Claudia Gallant

    It shall be the duty of the Program Committee to disseminate the Corporation’s funds in a fair and equitable manner, in line with what the Coronado community values and based on CUSD’s areas of need.  The Program Committee shall have only the duties delegated to it by these Bylaws or otherwise delegated to it by the Board of Directors.  The Program Committee shall not act as a replacement for the Board.  This committee’s responsibilities include the following:

    1. Oversight of Programs.  The Program Committee will provide oversight and ongoing examination and review for (a) programs operated directly by the Corporation, and (b) CUSD programs funded by the Corporation. 
    2. Site Program Grants.  The Program Committee will oversee the Site Program Grants for each of the CUSD schools sites (each a “Site”) through a documented protocol, consistent with CUSD curricular priorities and long-term vision, and as approved by the Board.
    3. Annual Review of Grant Guidelines.  The Program Committee will review annually the Site Program Grant guidelines and funding formulas, and provide recommended changes as deemed appropriate for funding initiatives to the Board for consideration, such as pathway programs K-12, “STEAM” focused (represents science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics), preparation of students for college and career readiness, summer enrichment programs and other areas to supplement and enhance California state curriculum. 


The Board of Directors is a dedicated, working volunteer board comprised of up to 18 community and parent leaders, one a Coronado Unified administrator who acts as a liaison with the school district.  A member of the Coronado High School senior class also serves as the student representative.  Interested individuals are encouraged to join a CSF Committee (see above) as many board positions are filled from committee members.  Click here to download the CSF Board Member Job Description.

If you have additional questions or for more information, please contact CSF at or call 619-437-8059.


There are no job openings available at this time.