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Our Impact


  1. Why do we need to provide supplemental funding for public schools, especially in a town that pays so much in property taxes to Sacramento?

    Since Prop 13 was passed, property taxes in almost all jurisdictions including Coronado do not stay within the community. Instead, all property taxes are allocated on a fair-share basis to cities and counties across the state. So, Coronado receives no more than other communities and in fact, often less funding, since the demographics of our students do not provide much in additional funding (like Title 1 funds) except for our military dependents.

    As a result, our schools receive the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funding per student and little additional public funding to operate the schools. When your child misses a day of school for any reason, our schools do not receive funding (about $50/day).

  2. How much should I give?

    We ask parents to donate to the level your family can afford. The recommended donation is $1 a day per child, payable in year-round monthly installments of $30. The online giving form at provides options to give monthly or you can make a single donation.

    Coronado Unified schools are the “crown jewels” in our city. Many parents continue to donate long after their children have graduated as well as neighbors, grandparents and alumni. It takes a village to maintain the top-rated public comprehensive school district in San Diego County. Support of the greater community is vital to the continued success of our students while enrolled at our schools and after graduation.

  3. Why do we need both CSF and Parent-Teacher Groups at each school?

    Both the Foundation and Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTO) are critical to the quality of education in our community and work together to support the schools. In the spring of 2007, the Foundation and parent/teacher group leaders forged a Parent Leadership Council (PLC) that meets bi-monthly with the CUSD Superintendent to coordinate fundraising efforts and ensure our school and classroom needs are being met. We like to summarize the roles by saying, "CSF provides big ticket items like doc-u-cams, and the parent-teacher group buys the lightbulb to keep the technology working." CSF and the Parent Teacher Organizations at each site are two pieces of the funding puzzle, with the parent-teacher group providing teacher teacher classroom grants, hospitality and appreciateion for teachers, serve as a primary communication link for the parents to the school, and provide classroom support. By virtue of their charters, these groups are not intended to provide funding for credentialed teachers’ salaries.

  4. What sponsorship opportunities are available for businesses?

    CSF has many opportunities for businesses to support Coronado’s schools throughout the year. Please call our Director of Development at 619.437.8059 ext. 1 or email

  5. What Does CSF Fund?

    Over the years, the Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF) has continued to be responsive to the needs of Coronado Unified teachers and students. During the 2022-23 school year, CSF’s Program Committee worked closely with Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) staff to revise existing CSF Program Funding Guidelines for Site Grants. With the goal of streamlining messaging for potential donors and aligning resources in a thoughtful and cohesive manner, staff reviewed existing programs to develop two distinct pathways that provide value added experiences for students grades TK through 12:
    ∙ STEM Innovation Pathway, encompassing science, technology, engineering and math opportunities with all campuses using Project Lead the Way curriculum;
    ∙ ARTS Innovation Pathway, encompassing both the visual and performing arts opportunities.