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Why Everyone’s Buzzing about the “You’ve Been Stung” CSF Fundraiser

At the Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF), we aren’t wasting any time making sure Coronado students have access to exceptional learning opportunities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and the Arts. Beginning August 27th, 2020, several swarms of mischievous bees will be released to buzz around the island, landing on the front lawns of various Coronado families.

The families that are “stung” are encouraged to make a donation to CSF, and in turn, “sting” another family of their choice; similar to the popular “You’ve Been Flocked” fundraiser--where flocks of plastic pink flamingos infiltrate front yards resulting in donations. For more information, watch the video: "You've Been Stung!" 

As part of CSF’s Hive 365 campaign, bees will descend upon home fronts of different Coronado households. After making a donation, the family will decide who will be “stung” next, placing the bees and the hive in the new family’s yard, encouraging them to make a donation and continuing the lifecycle of fun. The “You’ve Been Stung” fundraiser encourages the entire family to get involved. Parents and kids alike will have fun selecting the next family, and carrying out a tactical and covert operation for the “sting.”  

For this fundraiser to really take flight, the suggested donation is $365. This encourages parents, grandparents, and community members to invest $1 per child per day, totaling $365 for the year.

'You’ve Been Stung’ is an opportunity to show your Coronado spirit and support for our teachers and students.We hope that when community members pass a home that’s been ‘stung,’ it brings a smile to their faces and reminds them of the wonderful ‘hive’ that is Coronado.

Share on Social

If you’re lucky enough to get stung, be sure to take pictures of your lawn, share on social media, and hashtag #CSFyouvebeenstung

Mayor Richard Bailey films the "You've Been Stung" video as the CSF Beekeeper. Watch the video!

Get Stung

If you would like to be the next Coronado family to "Get Stung", email If you are already a member of Hive 365 or are a CSF monthly recurring donor, we would love for you to participate with or without an additional donation. Just let us know!

For more information, watch this video: You've Been Stung!

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